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RAPLIXA® (Fibrin sealant (human)) for topical use

  • 1 g vial
  • RaplixaSpray™ device kit
    • 1 applicator with attached umbilical tube
    • 2 nozzles (rigid and flexible)
    • 1 filter
  • RaplixaReg™ air regulator
  • RaplixaReg™ CO2 regulator

RECOTHROM® Thrombin topical (Recombinant)

  • 5000 unit vial with 5 mL prefilled diluent syringe, transfer device, and syringe
  • 20,000 unit vial with 20 mL vial of diluent, transfer devices, and syringe
  • 20,000 unit RECOTHROM™ Spray Applicator Kit

PREVELEAK® Surgical sealant

  • Double-barrel, 4 mL syringe with 2 delivery tips
  • Additional delivery tips

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